Planting new trees equals renewables

why renewables?

Renewable energy is clean, green and cost effective.
It produces a fraction of the carbon dioxide of fossil fuels and renewable heating…

is the fastest growing source of energy across the world. Renewable technology means you can look forward to cheaper heating, water and electricity for years to come. And with energy recovery you can also collect and re-use heat from any commercial process that would otherwise be lost and wasted. Most factories will produce waste heat that can be re-used Government targets and new European emissions directives coming into effect in December 2017 mean that you will meet all future compliance by installing a biomass wood fuel or heat recovery system.

The world’s population is growing and fossil fuels are running out, so, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint and your costs, it’s time to switch and we can show you how. Nuergy is based in Scotland and provides first class service to customers throughout the UK and across different business and industry sectors.process that would otherwise be lost and wasted. Most factories will produce waste heat that can be re-used.

Biomass wood pellets

why biomass?

Biomass is fuel developed from organic materials such as sawmill residues, forest debris, agricultural energy crops and industrial residues. These materials are in constant supply…

meaning that biomass heat and power will be available indefinitely.

Sustainable and highly efficient, biomass technology reduces your bills and CO2 emissions. By using wood pellets instead of fossil fuels, you could reduce your bills and secure the supply and cost of your heating. Biomass energy produces the biggest CO2 saving of any renewable heat source.

You can also generate a guaranteed income through the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), providing quarterly payments for 20 years for commercial customers and seven for domestic customers. In most cases this should cover boiler capital and installation costs.

Enhance your green credentials by converting to a biomass heating system which will also help support the rural economy and local businesses. Biomass is readily available and fully automatic.

Nuergy enginneer

why nuergy?

Nuergy offers a first class, professional service backed by 30 years of engineering experience and expertise. Our dedicated and highly trained team of selected partners are all leaders…

in their field and at the forefront of the renewable sector throughout the UK.

We are committed to providing you with the most attractive and suitable option for switching to renewable energy and we offer market-leading products, expert technical advice and safe system installation. Allied to that, we provide ongoing support and bespoke service and maintenance agreements giving you reassurance and peace of mind going forward.

We are the biomass experts, backed by engineering expertise and experience, capable of putting together the partners and packages to make every scheme a success from large commercial plants to small commercial properties throughout the UK.

Nuergy – your natural choice for biomass heat and power.

why green energy?

why choose renewables??

  • Generate and use green, carbon neutral heat and power
  • Heat your home and business providing all the hot water you need
  • Reduce your CO2 emissions
  • Remove your reliance on fossil fuels and secure costs
  • Receive thousands of pounds back in Government subsidies

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