Biomass Boiler Service and Maintenance

Nuergy is a biomass boiler service, maintenance and spare parts supplier for a whole range of biomass boilers:

Why Biomass Boiler Service?

Biomass boiler service is paramount to ensure your boilers fuel economy and efficiency is maintained and also to ensure it provides continuous operation throughout the heating season.

Many boilers have been fitted in obscure places and with very short chimneys preventing the natural chimney flue draft. This results in chimney and heat exchanger problems, combustion malfunctions and a requirement to service the boiler on a more regular basis.

For every 1 mm of soot on the boiler heat exchanger walls reduces the efficiency by 10%, effectively increasing the cost of each tonne of pellets

by up to £25. In addition if there is air infiltration into your boiler this may reduce your boilers efficiency in turn reducing fuel economy another 3% to 5% further increasing heating costs by £7.50 to £12.50. Potentially biomass boiler servicing can save you, based on average size house consuming 5 tonnes of pellets per year that’s up to £185 per year.

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How Much Does a Biomass Boiler Service Cost ?

Generally biomass boiler service costs are based on:

  • boiler size
  • type i.e.wood chip or pellet boiler,
  • number of tubes to be cleaned and
  • amount of parts to strip down and rebuilt to facilitate a complete service  / cleaning.

Typically a small domestic wood pellet boiler stove takes two hours to service including cleaning out the onboard pellet fuel hopper. This would cost £ 150.00 + Vat & travel hours

An average size domestic boiler depending on the design takes two to three hours including cleaning out the side hopper. £ 225.00 + Vat & travel hours.

Small commercial wood chip boiler service takes 4 to 6 hours depending on design and size. Typical 5 hour service £ 375.00 + Vat and travel hours.

Cleaning out a domestic / small commercial bulk hopper silo of 3 to 4 tonnes capacity with sawdust and pellets residue takes approximately two hours depending on the size of hopper £ 150.00 + Vat & travel hours.

Nuergy Service Contracts Offer:

Nuergy offer annual service and maintenance contracts which are paid monthly,  direct debit in advance which covers annual service cost, discounted consumable parts including an annual igniter change ensuring continuous operation during the heating season.

For large commercial and industrial service please contact us for a quotation and our  spare parts reserved stock service.

Contact us to discuss your needs 01506 882720.

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Why Nuergy?

Nuergy is one of the most established biomass boiler installers in Scotland and throughout the UK, with unparalleled technical knowledge and experience of biomass burners. Currently our  portfolio of service contracts range up to 2MW in size. We offer affordable boiler installation, servicing, maintenance and spare parts supply throughout the UK.

Nuergy is the name to trust.

  • Biomass boiler combustion system expert analysis
  • Provide sales, service, maintenance and trouble shooting.
  • Specialist supplier of spare parts for all biomass boilers
  • Supplier of ignition elements, auger motors, ID flue fans
  • Dedicated biomass boiler service team, 24 hour service support
  • Annual service and maintenance contracts including discounted parts

Why Choose Renewables?

  • Generate and use green, carbon neutral heat
  • Heat your home and provide all the hot water you need
  • Reduce your CO2 emissions to meet Government targets
  • Remove your reliance on fossil fuel
  • Receive thousands of pounds back in Government subsidies
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