Commercial Biomass Boilers

Nuergy install commercial biomass boilers throughout Scotland and the UK. Commercial biomass boilers provide sustainable and efficient energy production for businesses. We specialise in commercial biomass boiler installation for various industries including:

  • Food and drink processing plants
  • Laundries
  • Architects
  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineers
  • Industrial engineers
  • Renewable Energy consultants
  • Farmers

We offer a full installation service which includes wood fuel supply to save business money and to promote their renewable energy attributes. With a generous renewable heat incentive available, it has never been a better time to invest in commercial biomass boilers.

Nuergy can help you find the right biomass heating system for your premises, no matter how large or small. We will guide you through the process of selecting the right wood pellet boiler saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint from day one.

Domestic (up to 45kW)
From small country cottages to modest houses

Small Commercial (46kW – 100kW)
From small guest houses and large country estate houses to small hotels

Commercial (100kW – 600kW)
From district heating, heating large buildings, primary schools, secondary schools to health centres and hospitals

Industrial (600kW – 5MW)
From factories, laundries and bakeries to breweries, distilleries and other food and drinks industry production and processing sites

Biomass Commercial Range

We have a range of biomass options for commercial purposes.

Commercial biomass boilers Scotland

Domestic Biomass Range

Our domestic wood pellet and wood chip boilers are efficient and ideal for properties which are off-grid and can be cheaper to run than conventional oil boilers. We have selected two of Europe’s most experienced wood pellet boiler manufacturers Froling from Austria and Janfire from Sweden with over thirty years of product development behind them both.

biomass boilers

Biomass Process Steam Heating

Biomass pellet boilers suit processes that involve rapid response to changing demands and are ideal for companies in a variety of sectors including: food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, brewing and agriculture.


biomass process steam heating

Biomass District Heating

We install wood pellet and wood chips District Heating Plant Rooms and Skid Units in Scotland UK. District heating is ideal for housing associations and businesses with more than one building to heat.

commercial biomass district heating

Biomass Hot Air Generators

commercial biomass hot air generator

Biomass Electricity Generation

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) commercial biomass boilers produce hot water and electricity and are highly efficient when used with district or a large building heating scheme.

Biomass commercial boilers

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