Biomass Heating Scotland

Nuergy supply and fit biomass boilers in Scotland and throughout the UK.  Due to their extensive knowledge, long established service, they should be your best choice for biomass heating in Scotland.

The Renewable Heating Experts in Scotland

Nuergy offers the complete clean energy wood pellet boiler package tailored specifically to suit your home and business.  From biomass fired energy centres for heating large buildings, to district heating schemes covering a number of buildings. Our commercial biomass range is extensive, from heat recovery systems for industrial premises, process heating and drying for industry, through to combined heat and power (CHP) plants.  Backed up by installation, servicing and fuel supply, our professional service and support will provide the perfect solution to meet your energy needs.

biomass heating Scotland

Wood pellet heating

Biomass wood pellet heating systems are ecologically sound and function automatically. Environmentally friendly pellet boilers heat a building more efficiently than oil or gas. Today wood pellets are manufactured from forest industry and sawmill residue. Wood fibre is dried and pressed into cylindrical pellets and there are no binders or additives. more...
  • Manufactured from untreated wood, no chemicals
  • CO2 neutral fuel which benefits forest ecology
  • Crisis-proof – unaffected by world events and fossil fuel price fluctuations
  • High heating value – 95% of energy converted into usable heat
  • Consistent quality, low moisture content with high density saving

District Heating

District heating is the perfect solution for housing associations and businesses with large apartment buildings or more than one building to heat. It means lower energy bills and lower maintenance costs. District heating uses a centralised plantroom to heat multiple buildings on one site. It is simple to install, operate and maintain. Here is how it works: more...
  • Only one plantroom required
  • A heat main carries hot water to every building connected to the system
  • When it cools it travels back to the plant room to be re-heated
  • Each building does not require its own boiler
  • The heat main is typically discrete, underground and out of sight

Process Heating

Biomass boilers can also be used to produce steam, which is commonly known as process heating. Process heating systems generally transfer energy in the form of steam heat from a fuel source to a product. This is of particular benefit to companies in the manufacturing and food and drink sectors involved in boiling ingredients, distilling liquids and drying powders. more…
  • Biomass pellet boilers suit processes that involve rapid response to changing demands
  • They are ideal for companies in a variety of sectors including: food manufacturing;
  • pharmaceuticals; chemical processing; brewing and agriculture.
  • They make your business more flexible, efficient and cost effective
  • They are suited for compact installations

Combined Heat and Power

CHP produces both electricity and hot water and is highly efficient when connected to a district or large building heating scheme. CHP can be used to capture heat normally wasted into the environment. It increases flexibility, reliability and it can easily be stored for later use. It generates your own energy, whilst still being connected to the grid. more...
  • CHP can reduce carbon emissions by 30%
  • It offers users opportunities to reduce energy costs, saving approximately 20%
  • CHP typically has an efficiency of over 80%
  • It reduces electricity transmission and distribution losses
  • It enhances energy supply security and availability

Our Biomass Heating Services

Nuergy is a one-stop shop for design, installation and maintenance of highly engineered, quality biomass heating systems for a wide range of purposes, from modest homes, country estates, schools and hospital, industrial, horticultural and agricultural businesses.

We also operate a biomass boiler service and maintenance contract available both to our own clients and those with existing systems requiring ongoing maintenance.

Why Choose Us as Your Biomass Heating Experts?

  • Unrivalled experience and expertise means we are abreast of all new developments in the sector
  • First class, professional support and service
  • Competitive prices for installation and maintenance
  • Competitive price for wood pellets, which are delivered to your door direct from the factory

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