We have selected two of Europe’s most experienced wood pellet boiler manufacturers Froling from Austria and Janfire from Sweden with over thirty years of product development behind them both. Today’s biomass wood chip and wood pellet boilers are of very high quality design, are reliable and can withstand the test of time while providing very clean emissions, good value for money and exceptional fuel economy. Should you wish to consider ETA, Windhager, Guntamatic, KWB, Extraflame, MCZ, or Hertz we will be only to happy to discuss customer requirements in UK, Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland.

Information & Brochures:

Janfire Integral is a fully Automatic Feeding and Cleaning Wood Pellet Boiler. The Integral boilers ranges from, 10kW to 25kW output.

The boiler is perfectly dimensioned to fit into the tightest of plant rooms, a micro pellet hopper is mounted on the side of the boiler or a bulk hopper situated in an adjoining room which is connected to the boiler via auger screw. Janfire’s HN burner is mounted on the front of the boiler, its very accessible for periodic service, should the need arise the burner can be easily swapped with a service exchange unit withing several minutes. Integral large capacity water storage in most cases necessitates the need for a buffer tank, Immersion coil and DHW combi function are optional.

Janfire Brochure downloads:

Froling’s extensive range of domestic wood pellet boilers comes in the form of two models P1 and P4 ranging in size from 8kW to 80kW.  P1 is ???? 8kW to 25kW is very small in dimensions and has a compact foot print of ??m. The slightly larger and more robust P4 ranges from 15kW to 60kW, both P1 and P4 boilers are equipped with wood pellet side hoppers for manual filling from small bags or may include a vacuum suction system for automatically transporting wood pellet fuel from the bulk hopper to the boiler. unbits connected to bulk hoppers for
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Common Features:

  • Fully automatic feeding
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • Modulation boiler control
  • Micro or bulk pellet hopper