Commercial Biomass Boilers in Scotland

Nuergy are biomass boiler specialists in Scotland and we supply and install biomass boilers for businesses and commercial enterprises. 

Commercial Pellet Boilers

Pellet Boilers are often more compact than wood chip boilers and have an easier fuel handling system — smaller hoppers with vacuum hoses & probes to deliver the fuel to the boiler.

Thus pellet boilers are often suited to constrained boiler rooms and urban households.

Our Range of Commercial Pellet Boilers

We supply Pellet Boilers from Hargassner.

  • Uniformity of fuel means consistent heat output and less time spent on fuel preparation and loading
  • We supply pellet boilers in the heating range of 20-500kW.
  • Ideal for both domestic and commercial properties off the gas network looking for the most compact way to make the switch over to renewable heating.
  • High energy density of pellets means it is the most space-efficient biomass option available
  • Pellet boilers are able to modulate very well for periods where there is low heat demand

Commercial Wood Chip Boilers

More economical to run, especially on a larger scale wood chip boilers run on wood that has had less processing than pellets — logs that have been fed through a chipper then dried to lower moisture content.

Large estates with managed woodland may be able to produce their own fuel, but otherwise it is often easily obtained locally. Wood chip boilers often prove to have more reliable ignition compared to pellets.

Our Range of Commercial Chip Boilers

We supply Chip Boilers from Hargassner and Blaze.

  • Traditionally considered for medium to large properties
  • We supply chip boilers in the heating range of 20-2.5mW.
  • Ideal for commercial properties that have access to chipped and dried wood or have the facilities to make their own.
  • Our chip boilers have a small footprint with flexible fuel storage options to suit any boiler room & fuel store.

Click the brands below to download stove catalogues.

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Click the brands below to download boiler catalogues.

Accesories, Buffer Tanks & Pellet/ Chip Storage

Offering bespoke and prefabricated fuel storage solutions.

Coupled with our experience in biomass systems, we can provide extremely reliable ancillary systems that are well designed.

Energy from Waste

Investing in German technology, Nuergy offers solutions to produce heat and electricity from waste biomass products, such as whisky draff to produce a combustible biogas.

Mains and Biogas CHP

Teaming with industry-leading CHP plant suppliers, Nuergy can provide cost-effective CHP solutions to large premises which dramatically reduce utility bills.

Solar PV

Soaring energy and electricity costs make solar a great option to reduce your electricity bill and make your home or workspace greener.

With our expereienced solar partners we offer a bespoke solar installation service backed by dedicated aftersales & technical support.

We can also team up a solar install to an existing buffer tank to intelligently heat domestic water when you otherwise woudldn’t be using the electricity generated.

District Heat Networks

Renewables are often more efficient and easier to manage on a larger scale. Therefore our commercial arm is ready to design & install district heating systems for local authority and large building complexes.

Heat Pumps

Following the government’s latest statement on renewable heating, Nuergy is diversifying it’s install operations to include air source heat pumps.

The heat pumps we install use the latest refrigerant technology to provide output temperatures of up to 70°C so you don’t need to get new radiators in your house.

Hot Air Heat Recovery and Cleaning

Nuergy has developed and designed a unique approach to improving the efficiency and environmental impact of existing biomass or fossil fuel plant. Joining a filtration system and economiser (low temperature heat exchanger) that can be fitted to almost any pre-existing flue, we can minimise heat loss through flue products whilst also dramatically reducing flue particulate emissions.