Wood Pellet Stoves

Pellet Stoves are usually smaller heating appliances with a window where you can see the flame. They can be air or hydro models to heat one room or a whole house.

Pellet stoves are usually suitable for small to medium homes and have generally smaller maintenance costs.

Our Range of Wood Pellet Stoves

We supply Pellet Boilers from the following manufacturers. All the stoves we fit have MCS accreditation so you can benefit from the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI).

  • Space-efficient: Pellet stoves fit well in smaller spaces, providing efficient heating without taking up much room.
  • Cost-effective: Pellet stoves are more affordable than pellet boilers, making them a budget-friendly choice.
  • Easy installation: Pellet stoves are easy to install, often as a DIY project, requiring minimal modifications.
  • Zone heating: Pellet stoves allow independent heating of specific areas, reducing energy consumption in unused spaces.
  • Aesthetics and ambiance: Pellet stoves enhance the atmosphere with visible flames and attractive designs, adding warmth and coziness.

Click the brands below to download stove catalogues.

Wood Pellet, Chip & Log Biomass Boilers

Here at Nuergy we are excited to offer a comprehensive range of Biomass boilers to suit the needs of every home.

Have your own supply of wood? Our range of Blaze boilers can help you cut heating costs in the home to a minimum. With a triple-airflow system, all Blaze boilers are capable of running on a variety of different types and quality of wood logs whilst still producing minimal emissions.

Or perhaps you are looking a pellet or chip boiler renowned for its reliability. We are pleased to present the Hargassner range of pellet, chip and log boilers which have low maintenance costs and burn fuel incredibly cleanly – we speak from experience!

BLAZE Gasification Log Boilers

  • Available in 4 models each with their own strengths:
    • GREEN
  • Heat output between 15-40kW.
  • Beat the cost of living crisis with affordable wood heating
  • Equally suited to newbuilds as well as exisiting properties and heating circuits

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Solar PV

Soaring energy and electricity costs make solar a great option to reduce your electricity bill and make your home or workspace greener.

With our expereienced solar partners we offer a bespoke solar installation service backed by dedicated aftersales & technical support.

We can also team up a solar install to an existing buffer tank to intelligently heat domestic water when you otherwise woudldn’t be using the electricity generated.

Heat Pumps

Following the government’s latest statement on renewable heating, Nuergy is diversifying it’s install operations to include air source heat pumps.

The heat pumps we install use the latest refrigerant technology to provide output temperatures of up to 70°C so you don’t need to replace your existing radiators.