Where are we based?

Our company premises in Livingston allow us to service most of Scotland as well as outlying areas just off M6 and A9 corridors

What boilers do we service?

  • Froling
  • ETA
  • Hargassner
  • Palazetti
  • BioFlame
  • ExtraFlame
  • Klover
  • MCZ

Does your boiler need a service or repair?

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What parts are used in a service?

Usually we don’t need to change parts in a service but occasionally we may need to change the following:

Automatic Air Vents

Automatic Air Vents (AAVs) are used to vent trapped air from the boiler, the buffer tank or pipework. Over time, the valve seal inside can start to leak due to mineral deposits, and the valve will start to leak a small amount of water. If this is the case our engineer will advise replacement.

Door Seals

Good seals on doors and access panels is essential to having a reliable boiler. Our engineer will clean, inspect and condition the existing seals. If the seals fall apart or do not provide satisfactory sealing, our engineers are equipped with seals so that these can be replaced if necessary.

Grate and Refractory Bricks

Internal metalwork and refractory is subject to wear from the heat and exhaust gases of combustion. During the service, our engineer will clean and inspect these components, and report if wear is excessive (i.e. holes in the grate or cracked refractory). Our engineers are equipped with grates and refractory for a variety of boilers – so the part may be able to be replaced on the day.