Biomass Wood Pellets and Briquettes

Here at Nuergy we stock the Woodlets brand of biomass wood pellets and briquettes for use in pellet stoves and biomass boilers.
Biomass Wood Pellets
Woodlets wood pellets are made from harvested timber grown in woodlands local to the main processing plant in Girvan, Ayrshire. Woodlets wood pellets boast numerous advantages over other biomass fuels, including their ease of use and transportability in 10kg bags. Most importantly though, Woodlets wood pellets are one of the highest quality wood pellets available in the UK market, with ultra-low ash residue and a unique energy guarantee of 4.8 MWh/ tonne of pellets.

Nuergy supplies Woodlets wood pellets to hundreds of satisfied customers who come back every year to order more.
Wood Briquettes
Recently, the Woodlets factory has branched out into producing wood briquettes. This biomass fuel is so versatile – it can be used in open fires, traditional stoves as well as modern computerised log boilers. Just like woodlets wood pellets, the woodlets briquettes offer exceptional burn characteristics including the same high energy content (higher than wood logs!) and low ash residue. For your convenience, we offer the briquettes in quarter, half or full pallet loads so you only need to buy what you will use in a season.

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