Fergas Flue Fan 260656X for Biomass Pellet Stoves, 230V


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Flue gas fan, smoke extractor for Wood Pellet Boiler Stoves.


Generated pressure: up to 200 Pa.

Maximum available airflow rate: 132 m?/h

Rotations: up to 1976 RPM

Power: 35 Watt

Flange connector: 80 mm

Steel rotor diameter: 150 mm

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SITGROUP LN2 NATALINI PL30 CE0050 – W931300050 smoke extractor has been designed to be used for pellet stoves and biomass boilers, which range power is from 5 to 60 KW.

For the following stoves MONTEGRAPPA – ADLER

MCZ ref. 41451100300 mod. Toba HYDRO 22 – Toba HYDRO 22 HE – Toba HYDRO/S 22

RED ref. 41451100300 mod. Compact 18 – Compact 24 – Compact 24 ver.2012 – Compact 35 – Logika 25 – Logika 25 ACS – Logika Refill 25 ACS – Logika Refill 25 – Logika 35 – Logika Refill 35 – Logika 35 ACS – Logika Refill 35 ACS – Lotus

Provided with aluminised steel spiral, which output diameter is of 100 mm, and AISI 430 steel rotor.

Designed to generate up-to-500Pa-pressures with a maximum airflow range of 285 m3/h.

Equipped of input nozzle for the smoke output tube and Hall Effect sensor (encoder).

In compliance with EN60335-1, EN61591, EN60704-3, EN60704-2-13 rules. Insulation class: H; Protection class: I.

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