Leister BM4 Biomass Boiler Igniter 230V 50hz 1600 watts


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UK supplier of LEISTER BM4 – IGNITER ignition blower which has been specially developed for installation in pellet and wood – chip heating systems. Formally known as Triac S-Economy.

The IGNITER is based on the proven technology of the Leister Triac S-Economy ignition blower. The ignition fan is equipped with an electronic heating element protection system with phototransistor as well as device protection by means of a temperature protection circuit.


  • Max. Temperature 500-600°C,
  • Voltage: 120-230 V
  • Power: 600-1600 W
  • Heater tube diameter: 31.5 mm

Leister Igniter heat guns are fitted on many wood chip and pellet boilers throughout the UK.

Technical Data: IGNITER BM4 & BM4 (with M14 screw adapter)

  • Voltage V: 120-230 (BM4), 230 (BM4 with M14 screw adapter)
  • Frequency Hz: 50-60 (BM4), 50 (BM4 with M14 screw adapter)
  • Power rating kW: 0.6-1.6 (BM4), 1.1 (BM4 with M14 screw adapter)
  • Min. air volume l/min @ 20°C: 80-230 (BM4), 230 (BM4 with M14 screw adapter)
  • Air pressure kPa: 0.3-2.48 (BM4), 2.48 (BM4 with M14 screw adapter)
  • Max temperature: 500-600°C (BM4), 600 (BM4 with M14 screw adapter)
  • Noise emission level dB (A): 58-68 (BM4), 68 (BM4 with M14 screw adapter)
  • Aperture : 90mm
  • Weight kg: 1.0 (without power supply cord) 1.2
  • Length 283mm

Price includes VAT and UK delivery. Please call for price of deliveries to Ireland and EU.


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