Sorbeo Wood Pellets Pallet

Sorbeo are the UK’s leading horse bedding brand

  • 1x Pallet of 55x 18kg bags
  • Dust free
  • Chemical free
  • Super absorbent
  • Ideal for horses with laminitis and respiratory problems

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Sorbeo is made from sustainable premium grade timber from Scotland’s forests. Pale spruce timber is fed into the sorbeo pellet maker which drives out every milligram of moisture, reducing the weight of each bag to a manageable 18kg. That’s less weight to transport and lower carbon emissions. The manufacturing process is 100% sustainable – Sorbeo replace all the trees they harvest.

NOTE – not all wood pellets are equal.

Many wood pellets for sale in the UK today are meant for the fuel market and are made from compressed sawdust and by-products from sawmills. These are not to be used for horse bedding. They can be very powdery when they break down and are made from dust – some even contain MDF dust which is carcinogenic when inhaled. They are also only subject to 5% VAT – which makes them cheaper but it is illegal to use them as horse bedding.

Of all the different types of horse bedding, wood pellet bedding is by far the most absorbent. It will absorb four times as much moisture as straw and three times as much as shavings.

Having an absorbent bedding is important because unabsorbed ammonia from urine can accumulate inside a stable and irritate the eyes and the mucous membranes of the horse’s respiratory tract.

Good-quality wood pellets are recommended for horses with respiratory problems.

When looking for a good-quality wood pellets, the use soft woods such as pine is paramount and you should avoid products that have been exposed to any type of chemical.

True wood pellets are not made from raw wood. Pellets should be made from heated wood which is then compressed, squeezing out all of its moisture. The pellet is formed when the natural resins stick together to create the finished pellet.




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