Valiant Portable Folding BBQ

The Valiant Portable Folding BBQ is a portable charcoal barbeque absolutely perfect for a romantic picnic in the park or an alfresco afternoon with friends. Enjoy an authentic BBQ experience wherever you are and barbeque comfortably for 4-6 people.

Available to purchase are complementary accessories to make your grilling experience more pleasurable – read more below.

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The Valiant Portable Folding BBQ is a portable charcoal barbeque. Perfect for a romantic picnic in the park or an alfresco afternoon with friends. Enjoy an authentic BBQ experience wherever you are and barbeque comfortably for 4-6 people. If you are looking for the perfect gift for an aspiring BBQ chef or grill master, you found it!

The compact and convenient fold-away design with a carrying handle turns it into a small briefcase. It measures 28.5cm high, 40cm wide and 10cm deep when closed. You have a generous 32cm by 23cmcooking area when you open it up. Versatile, this BBQ easily caters for up to 6 people, but it is also perfect for that romantic picnic for two!

The folding portable charcoal bbq takes less than 5 minutes to set up, is lightweight and easy to carry. This charcoal bbq grill is ideal for use on the move as the heavy-duty charcoal burner is perfect for safe and proper cooking. In addition, the stainless steel design with a robust grill makes it rust-free and easy to clean.

The fold-up portable bbq is 30cm high, 40cm wide and 32cm deep when set up. Create the perfect picnic kit add a BBQ multi-tool and a BBQ Accessory Gift Set.

BBQ Starter

Use the BBQ Starter to get hot charcoals ready for cooking in as little as ten minutes!

Made from durable aluminized steel with a keep cool handle

To use: fill the BBQ starter with coal and light the bottom using old newspaper or fire lighters

Please note some discolouration, weathering or bubbling may occur to the coating of this product.

Dimensions: 275mm H x 265mm W x 170mm

BBQ Accessory Gift Set

The perfect BBQ Accessory Gift Set is here. Made for the Valiant portable BBQ but easy to use with any BBQ! The BBQ Accessory Gift Set is the easiest way to up your barbecue game. It is time to start experimenting with accessories and look like a grill master. The accessories have an eye-catching design and are easy to pack and transport as the chicken rack comes apart.

This gift set consists of:

  • Stainless Steel Meat Shredding Claws: Each claw is 10.8cm high by 11.5cm wide and 1.5cm thick and shreds meat faster and more consistently than a knife, fork, or even your hands. 
  • Aluminium Burger Press: The press has a diameter of 12cm, and a 2cm thick metal base helps you press burgers up to 7.5cm thick. Impress with evenly sized burgers and never fight over the best looking burger again!
  • Chicken Rack with space for up to 14 drumsticks: Fully assembled rack is 14.5cm high, 45.5cm wide and 14.5cm deep. Cook succulent chicken and present it on the easy-to-assemble drumstick rack.
  • Stainless Steel Silicone BrushA 20.7cm long and 1cm thick handy silicone brush to add flavour and moisture to your dishes.

Try out some new recipes like pulled pork, marinated chicken and spicy burgers. Now you have the proper tools to prepare the ingredients. They help turn your outdoor space into a fully functioning outdoor kitchen and present food with style. The perfect gift idea for aspiring BBQ kings and queens.

BBQ Multi-Tool

The  BBQ Multi-Tool made by Valiant has utensils in one, making it the perfect portable cooking tool. The handy utensil has every tool you need in one handy fold-up device. Whether you are a BBQ master, outdoor enthusiast or just like entertaining, the compact tool is for you.

Ideal for BBQscampfires and outdoor adventures, this tool combines tongs, knife, spatula, fork and most importantly, a wine and beer bottle opener in one. In addition, you can stow it away in a convenient carry pouch provided.

The deceptively compact folding design also converts into full-size tongs. Made to last, the Valiant BBQ Multi-Tool is robust and durable. It is made of hygienic grade stainless steel and has a varnished beech hardwood handle for a stylish finish.

The multi-tool is 28.5cm high, 2.5cm wide and 8.5cm thick. Clever engineering packed six solid tools into a device that weighs only 543 grams.

If you love multi-tools or know someone who does, the Valiant BBQ Multi-Tool is the perfect gift.

Please note that this product contains a knife. When you place an order for this item, you verify that you are at least 18 years of age and aware of all laws regarding the possession or carrying of knives.

Cocktail Multi-Tool

The Handy Valiant Cocktail Multi-Tool is the perfect gift for the avid mixologist or cocktail lover. The handy foldaway tool looks elegant with a stainless steel and rustic wooden finish. With seven essential cocktail making tools, it has everything you need.

Use the stirrer to gently mix your cocktail and fill the jigger to perfectly measure a single shot at 1 x 0.5fl ounce/15ml or a double shot 1 x 1fl ounce/30ml.

Apply the muddler & reamer to release the essence of your fresh ingredients in the cocktail, like mint or citrus fruit. The practical metal strainer removes the little bits from your smooth cocktail.

The zester & channel knife help you to add some flair to your drink. So you can serve all types of drinks, there is also a corkscrew and a bottle opener.

Entertain your guests and delve into the world of delicious cocktails with the Cocktail Multi-Tool. It is very portable at 22.3cm long, 4.2cmwide and 5.3cm thick. The Valiant Cocktail Multi-Tool fits easily in your hand and is light to use with a weight of 361 grams. 

The perfect gift for anyone who likes making a cocktail. Why not take it with you on a picnic with your portable BBQ


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