Vulcanus BBQ Grill

Vulcanus Grill Pro910 Masterchef gets you flame grilling like a top chef on a stunning fire pit BBQ! The patented unique square design has an extended practical workspace (if you select masterChef versions). A truly stunning centrepiece for any outdoor party!

  • Unique design is both practical and attracts attention
  • Enough cooking space to cater for up to 50 guests
  • Designed to have hot and cold zones for cooking meat as well as veg
  • As recommended by celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstal

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The Masterchef is patinated CORTEN steel with a 12mm thick cooktop offering a grilling surface of 730 x 730mm or 910 x 910mm (depending on model). The square shape of the cooktop of the Vulcanus grill has a larger grilling surface than a circular grill. Consequently, you have a flame grill divided into two heat zones.

Flamegrill your meat, chargrill your cheese and vegetables. You can dedicate the use of each side, grill meats on one side, fish or vegetables on another. You can grill and keep food on one side while warming and cook for more than 50 people within an hour!

The durable Vulcanus Grill comes with a 5-year warranty for peace of mind. The height of the Vulcanus Grill Pro910 Masterchef is 99cm, its base measures 48cm by 117.5cm. The extended base provides plenty of storage for wood and anything else you need for a good BBQ. The wooden chopping board has many uses and provides a handy surface to rest cooking utensils when cooking.
The central square opening provides easy access making it easy to light and manage the wood fire. The fire pit BBQ has a slow heat release lining made of ceramic that results in a stable thermal flow circulating hot air at a consistent heat. Wood burns efficiently, minimising wood consumption. To collect excessive grease, subtle grooves on each side of the cooktop form a grease draining system, directing fluids to a hidden collection tray.

The simple ash emptying system at the bottom of the grill is concealed but easily accessible for ash removal. All you have to do is remove the core at the bottom of the fire pit grill once the fire has died. Brush ash into the gap, and fill the ashtray ready for removal.

Add the Vulcanus Grill Pro910 Multigrid for cooking directly on the fire. It will give you a central cooking grid, adjustable in height and includes a pot adapter for a great stir fry, curry or other dishes. Made of solid steel, the Masterchef weighs 195kg. You will need at least two people to move the Vulcanus in its place.

We highly recommend using wood with less than 20% moisture content when cooking for the best result.


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