Solo Stove – Ranger (Small)


Get a great fire going every time! The Solo Stove is incredibly easy to set up and light. Even on a damp evening outdoors, you’ll have this stove ready and burning in minutes.

  • Attractive stainless steel construction which doesn’t rust
  • Sold with stand to protect sensitive surfaces like decking
  • Doesn’t leave you smelling like a campfire thanks to low smoke design
  • Burns normal-sized logs well in addition to smaller branches
  • The Ranger is the smallest solo
  • Grill kit available separately
  • Easy to clean design

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This fire pit is an outdoor log burner that packs a punch. Perfect for small outdoor spaces and camping trips, the outdoor garden heater and camping fire pit is easy to light and transport. Why not enjoy a night under the stars with the Solo Stove. Outdoor living was never so warm and cosy with this outdoor garden heater!

The ultimate portable fire pit

The Solo Stove stainless steel contemporary design is simple, effective and easy to clean. Enjoy a unique secondary burn with the patented 360-degree airflow design. The double-wall design creates fire with less smoke as extra vents at the top of the fire pit cause a second burn and effectively remove smoke.

The only thing left in the outdoor garden heater is ultra-fine ash and very little at that! The deceivingly simple design makes the Solo Stove fire pit easy to clean. Lose yourself as you stare into a hypnotising fire ring and enjoy a near smokeless camping fire pit.


Ranger: 38cm in diameter and 32cm high, on the stand it is 35cm high. It only weighs 6.8kg.

All Stoves sold with stand

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